Pipe Bands Uniforms accessories & requirements, Musical Instruments & accessories, Hand or Machine embroidered & Metal Badges, Skean dhu or Sgain dubhs & Dirks, Scottish or Highland Bagpipes, Toy Bagpipes, Carrying Cases, Bags & Covers, Pipe & Practice Chanters, Reeds, Drums, Braids, Buttons, Cords, Bugles & Trumpets, Flutes, Waist & Cross Belts, Caps & Hats, Glengarries & Balmorals, Kitchener Pith Helmets, Feather Hackles, Spats, Sporrans, Tartan kilts & Plaids, Doublets, Tunics & Jackets, Drum Major Maces, Sashes, Gauntlets, Scottish, Irish and Masonic Jewelry, Percussions, Ethnic & Educational Instruments and many more products.

We also sell... Hand Embroider of Bullion Wire & Silk Threads, Computerized Embroidery, Woven Labels, Military Accouterments, and Uniform Accessories as Cap Badges, Family Crests, Pockets & Family Coat of Arms, Epaulettes, Wings, Flags & Banners, Insignia Ranks, Crests, Emblems, Ribbons, Braid, Buckles, Metal Badges, Buttons for Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Fire Department, Colleges, Schools, Scouts, Universities, Hospitals, Clubs, Scottish Societies, Clan Societies, and Associations etc...

We also offer all of our products at wholesale to training schools, retail Chain store & pipe bands.

We have a few different wholesale packages so if you are interested then please do contact us with your requirements and we can recommend a batter wholesale package to fit for your business, training school, retail chain store or Band. 

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